Copy page is back.

The process of creating requires one to continually change – add one thing, remove another, repeat. A couple months ago, in an effort to simplify the UX, the copy page feature was removed. However, our recent user testing sessions have flipped that decision. We realized this feature is important especially when you’re new to Betaknot – so copy page is back!

Don’t worry about what your page is called, just start saving things you think are related on the same page. Then, if it doesn’t make sense anymore, go into edit mode and click copy (top right).

Take your idea page & make it into a plan - just click "Copy" top right corner, modify the title(s), and delete what doesn't apply on each page.
Turn your idea page into a plan – click “Copy” top right corner, modify the title(s), and delete what doesn’t apply on each page.

September Updates

Super excited about this round of improvements! For all the beta on this month’s new features, head over to

September Updates 2
Collaborate is definitely the big one, it’s been on the to-do list for quite a while. Now you can work on a book or a page with a group of friends, get notifications when things are updated, and keep track of who else is currently editing!

We’ve also created a bookmarklet, which is essentially a custom bookmark button. Drag it to your bookmarks bar to install, and click it whenever you’re on a web page you want to save to Betaknot.

You’ll also see the star button in more places now. Click it to save a friend’s book, page, or postcard to your lists of stuff. You can also click the star on someone’s profile if you want to follow them.

And last but not least, you now have a personal dashboard of all your stuff! If you’re logged in, the Betaknot button in the nav will take you to your dashboard. It is where you can track things you’re collaborating on, see who’s saving your stuff, and get to people you’re following.

As always, let us know what you think!

August Updates

updatesThere’s now an updates page! We wanted a way to share what we’ve been working on (other than just on the blog) so we created an updates page. You can get to it by clicking on ‘updates’ at the bottom of the home page. A few of the improvements implemented this month include: rebranding, edit-mode, a new nav, and easy 1-click demos! For all the info, head over to